TestingYour Connection

TestingYour Connection

During setup, it's advised you have a laptop or PC directly connected to the Firewall for configuration. When you open your browser, navigate to either simplewan.com or Google.com. You will see one of 3 screens:

  • The website you visited (properly configured)
  • A calibration screen, this means your Firewall is configuring still. allow a few more minutes
  • A “We Found a Problem” screen

If you receive “We Found a Problem”, that means you are have 1 of 3 issues.

  • Your modem needs to have it's ARP cache cleared (you may need to contact your ISP)
  • You need to provide/correct the static connection information (IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway)
  • Your Modem requires a PPPOE/PPTP Username and Password

If you need to define static information or a username/password, enter the information into the provided form and select Save. Your Firewall will attempt to connect again and may reboot automatically if needed.

If you find yourself going back to the "We Found a Problem" screen, your unit may be unable to use the provided information to reach the internet. Check your cables, make sure they are not damaged or frayed, and they are in the proper position. Then, get in contact with your ISP to see if there is something that needs to be cleared.

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