I'm having issues with my phone

I'm having issues with my phone

Phone issues can crop up for different reasons. However, the fix is often very simple.

My phone won't seem to register.

Your phone not registering can be caused by a dis-junction between your phone and the SIP server or a localized SIP Server and its domain counterpart. 
To fix this, there are a few steps that needs to be taken.
First, make sure you are running the latest Firmware.  There are security updates and fixes that may be different from your previous version.

Next, check if Firewall Rules have been set up for your provider. Setting up Rules will allow all the phone data to and from your provider's server to go through with no blocks. Make sure the IP address of your provider is the Source.

You will probably need to reboot the Steady Net device to remove any previous cases that may have been blocked already. Then, just monitor your Firewall Logs to see if the blocks still appear.

If you find several of your phones are registering but there may be one or two that aren't, you may need to check their settings.

You may also use the above guide for Phones that are having issues with making or receiving calls.

If you are experiencing Spotty/Static/Skipping calls, you can also resolve it in another way.
Follow the same steps above first but you'll have to add a few more steps to completely resolve it.

  1. Enable “Moderate” or “Aggressive” Profile under Traffic Shaping

  2. Run 48 Hour Latency Test -check for packet loss and latency

  3. Check for “Bandwidth Hogs” under Host Breakdown - remove device if necessary

  4. Check MOS History for call detail

Note: If at any point in Troubleshooting SIP Issues, a Packet Capture can be advised. Check that packets are going in and out of the unit. Check that SIP Flow is in correct order with no errors. 

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