Packet Capture

Packet Capture

Packet Capture is a computer networking term for intercepting a data packet that is crossing or moving over a specific computer network. Once a packet is captured, it is stored temporarily so that it can be analyzed. The packet is inspected to help diagnose and solve network problems and determine whether network security policies are being followed. Network managers analyze and manage overall network traffic and performance.
Click on Begin Capture on the Packet Capture page to start. Once the recording has been stopped by the administrator or timed out after five minutes, your Internet browser will attempt to download the file.

Note: Once the recording begins, the results will time out in approximately 5 minutes. Also, in the event two or more users are viewing the same site, they cannot both pcap simultaneously.

This tab will help you capture the packets and its flow to check the IP address one at a time. If you want to check the headers or the ports on how a single IP is reaching its destination. You can do both WAN and LAN capture.

To examine and capture real-time running packets over a network, different packet capturing techniques are used. You may also be required to have software available for viewing the packet captures, such as Wireshark™

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