Effects of Latency

Effects of Latency

What is Latency?

When you Open a website or start up a software (i.e. Games, Streaming platform, Online Music, etc.) that requires online connection, data is sent back and forth from your computer/device to the website or software's server, relatively, the speed between your computer sending/receiving data to and from the server should be constant with minor fluctuations and should be extremely fast.

What causes Latency?

1. Distance
One of the main causes of network latency is distance, or how far away the device making requests is located from the servers responding to those requests. Connecting to a server that is outside of the City, State, or Country increases the travel time for data to be sent/received.

2.   Website construction
The way webpages are constructed makes a difference latency. Webpages that carry heavy content, large images, or load content from several third- party websites may perform more slowly, as browsers need to download larger files to display them.

3.   End-user issues
Network problems might appear to be responsible for latency, but sometimes latency is the result of the end-user device being low on memory or CPU cycles to respond in a reasonable time frame. Your device may be overworked with too many programs/pages running at the same time.

How does SteadyNet help?

SteadyNet monitors the traffic to and from your Internet and provides the statistics as to how much latency is seen. SteadyNet also lets you know if there is an issue between your devices or the ISP. There are also multiple tools that can be used to check if you are having an ISP issue or a network issue.

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