General Settings

General Settings

Basic Settings 

Here you can set below details related to your Firewall:

  1. Host name - The first part of the Router's Domain Name (eg. 'myrouter)
  2. Domain name -  The last part of the Router's Domain Name (eg.
  3. DNS Forwarding 
  4. Custom VoIP Port for MOS Scoring
  5. ICMP on WAN - By default is not allowed due to Security Reasons. It prevents Troubleshooting Tools such as Ping and Trace Route
  6. Fragmented IPSEC Packets - If set to Allow, Users on this Network who use their own VPN will avoid experiencing slow downloads
  7. SIP ALG or Proxy - Disabled by Default. Use site as an Application-Level gateway (Proxy) for SIP Phones which have troubles behind NAT Firewalls
  8. DNS Server Override by DHCP/PPP on WAN - Disable if You want to set your own DNS Server
  9. DNS Override - Disable if You are having DNS Issues or want DHCP clients to use their own DNS Servers directly, or if You don't need DNS Overrides.

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