Can I install this directly to my PC or Game Console?

Ideally, you would want this unit installed directly behind your modem/router. The unit functions as a network balancer for all of your home devices. This will prevent others who are downloading or streaming from causing you to have high Ping times or game lag. 

What if I have Built-in Wireless in the house?

If you are using the builtin wireless of your modem/router, the unit cannot fulfill it's FULL functionality. The best way to get the full function is to use Wireless Access Points (WAP) for your 

I've installed the unit, but it's not working!!

Please keep in mind to use all of the provided equipment within the box during installation. Any unused equipment may be the difference between a worrking unit and a dud.

I connected this device to my router's USB port, but it's not working?

The USB port of the router/modem may not be providing sufficient power to the device. Please use the power brick that came with the unit.

My power brick seems to be faulty. Can I replace it with another power brick?

Yes! As long as you match what the power brick uses as its output voltage. The power brick we use has an output of 5v 2000mA (2A).

Why do I need a Subscription?

The Stable Net Device will not function without a yearly Subscription.

I just bought the unit, now I have to pay again?

You get a FREE 1 year subscription with your direct purchase. If this device was bought from another person/reseller, that subscription may have already been used.

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel the service, However the subscription will continue till the billing period ends and is non-refundable. 

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