Effect of Packet Loss

Effect of Packet Loss

What is Packet Loss?

When your device, i.e. laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc., tries to access anything in and out of the internet, it send little bits of data called packets. Packets act as little packages that needs to be completed in order for you to see the entire data. Sometimes during transfer from what you are trying to reach back to your device, a packet is lost. Lost packets can mostly be attributed to the connection becoming unstable.

What can I do to prevent it?

If Packet Loss becomes more common to your connection, it may be good to check all your connections from the device you are using to your internet provider. Commonly, Packet Loss can be seen from the Internet Provider's side; there are minimal chances that it's inside your home unless your pet chewed on a cable.

How can Steady Net help?

Your Steady Net device records incoming and outgoing data. If there is an issue with Packet Loss, you can see where this packet loss came from, what time it happened, or if it's still happening. The Steady Net dashboard will provide you the data you can use to give your Internet Provider the proper push to fix the issues that you see on your connection.
You can see this in the dashboard under Diagnostic Tools > Network Health (bottom of page).

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