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    • User Registration and Subscription

      User Registration Upon finishing the Device Registration, you will be asked to fill up a User Registration Form. This is for our company to contact you should anything happen to your device. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and you should be sent to ...
    • Device Registration

      How to Register your Device: You can either Scan the QR Code at the bottom of the Gaming Edge device Or You can go to to input the ID and Code that can be seen next to the QR code. You will be taken to a page like this: E-Mail ...
    • Logging In

      The SteadyNet device has a Cloud Management Dashboard that allows you to monitor and check what is happening within your network. In order for you to view the dashboard, you will need to create a login by taking a picture of the QR code at the bottom ...
    • TestingYour Connection

      During setup, it's advised you have a laptop or PC directly connected to the Firewall for configuration. When you open your browser, navigate to either or You will see one of 3 screens: The website you visited (properly ...
    • Help! I don't have internet!

      There can be several things that happened as to why you don't have internet. Here are a few things to do in those cases. Log into your Dashboard to check the Site Status first. To see the site Status, go to the site that is down and look at the upper ...